I’m Leo Manzione - entrepreneur, business catalyst, and co-founder of Montage Business Coaching.

I’ve helped thousands of business owners through their most difficult challenges and on to the successes they’ve always dreamed of. I do this using a methodology I’m constantly refining that’s resulted in 8-figures in growth.

My process works because it begins with what I consider to be the most important ingredient: I truly care about the success of the business owners I serve.

My story began with wanting to help but having no idea how. I saw entrepreneurs everywhere, starting with my father, who were simply told: “Figure it out on your own and, if you fail, that’s your fault for taking this risk.

That didn’t sit well with me. Especially when I discovered how few businesses succeed. Especially when I got to know these business owners and discovered that these were NOT big risk takers who were comfortable risking everything. No. By contrast, these were so often community members, just like my father, who simply wanted to provide.

You see, starting a business can be a relatively risk-averse path that can provide for you and your loved ones in a way a job can’t. Why have only one client when you can diversify? Why commit to a “nine to five” for fifty years when you could work on your own terms and be there for your child’s baseball game, your best friend’s birthday, your dream vacation, and so much more? When done right, a business can provide the money and freedom to truly live.

However, a business can only provide these things consistently if built correctly.

Even today, when information is more available than ever, the tools necessary to build a business properly are rarely available to those who need them most – the people who need their business to succeed.

When I talk about building a business, I’m talking about…
…people’s livelihoods.
…their freedom.
…their loved ones’ well-being.
Building a business allows them to build a better future.

To me, this is too important to leave to chance. I’m not ok hoping business owners find what they need on their own - not when so few do.

Therefore, I committed my life to making these tools available to those that need them.

Those bold enough to build a business should have everything they need to succeed.

I focus on helping businesses reach their goals, progressing from $1M to $3M, $5M, and $10M. I’m constantly growing and leveraging my network of experts, my team, and my toolbox to help my clients with their most obscure needs and difficult questions.

If I won the lottery, I'd be doing this same work but with a bigger team.

Some of my favorite stories are when my clients…
…are finally working with their ideal customers.
…tell me, “I don’t need to worry about money anymore.
…feel ready to start a family thanks to the security of the life they’ve built.
…discover a love for learning they’d lost or never known.

I don’t take credit for my clients’ success. I merely empower them to build the strategy and systems they need to see their dreams through.

I’m glad you’re here,


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